Shannon D is an eight-figure business consultant, successful entrepreneur, and a respected thought leader in the Cannabis industry. Recognized as one of 2020 Most Influential Women in Weed, Shannon collaborates with like-minded teams to use her 14 years experience in organizational re-design to create impactful, sustainable, and profitable solutions for the industry that she believes in.

A Colorado native and graduate of Denver's Metro State University, Shannon started her career in Cannabis retail management in 2007 and has been an influential part of its growth since. Known for her hands-on, idea-driven, and insightful approach to business design, Shannon has worked with executives to re-build operations, management practices, and training programs in both dispensaries and product manufacturing

Managing both regulated dispensaries and product manufacturers has provided her with a unique perspective of the legal cannabis industry; working with over 20,000 customers and clients has given her incredible insight into what patients want and need.

In addition to consulting work, Shannon channels her passion into other industry related projects which she hopes will share the value of this incredible botanical.

In 2014, Shannon created Health Honeys to not only make high-quality CBD products accessible to women, but more importantly, to offer women a safe place in which they can experience the natural relief, ease and restorative properties of botanical ingredients to their inner and outer health.

Shannon is also in the process of creating a TV Series and educational package, which together help destigmatize cannabis in an effort to build a pioneering industry that supports the health and lives of everyone who is a part of it.